Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD strings have a core made from a modern systhetic multifilament fibre.

- brilliant, golden tone.

- full-bodied and big sound from the very bottom to the top of the register.

- the new Evah Pirazzi Gold steel A-string has been further improved to provide superior responsiveness thanks to our unique construction method.

- this new steel A-string has a grand, elegant and smooth tone even while being played in the higher register.

- developed for the player looking for something slightly warmer than the Passione steel A-string.

- Great sound depth with no metallic sharpness to the ear.


The standard set contains the following strings;

A string : Steel, Chrome steel

D string : Silver

G string : Silver

C string : Tungsten-silver

Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings