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Lianhe Zaobao, 6 September 2020


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Lianhe Wanbao, 22 September 2015

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Local luthier Wang Shaojun, attended The Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, Utah from 2010 to 2014. Upon his return to Singapore in June 2014, Shaojun established his own violin atelier in Bras Basah Complex. He has devoted endless hours to perfecting the art of violin-making – each hand-crafted violin takes three months to complete.


Shaojun imports spruce and maple woods from Europe and the United States of America for his violins. In addition, he also blends his own varnishes, applying at least 50 to 100 coats to achieve the desired colours. The varnish also greatly influences the acoustic quality of the violin – with the correct techniques, high-frequency sounds are filtered and minimised.

It is said that the instrument often takes on the personality of its maker. Shaojun’s violins encapsulates the refined and reserved nature of his personality. “It doesn’t matter if one is a novice or professional musician, I hope that everyone can afford a violin that is capable of producing groundbreaking music that touches the hearts of others,” Shaojun says. 

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Appassionata Limited is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote chamber classical music. Its mission is to provide a platform for aspiring musicians. And its vision is to share the passion of classical music to all walks of life.

Being a director of Appassionata Limited, Shaojun and his close friends will be planning concerts and hosting events for Appassionata Limited. Upcoming concerts will be posted here.



Shaojun is currently planning a sponsorship program for talented young musicians. He will be loaning out violins hand-crafted by himself to talented and aspiring young musicians.

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