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Violin Maker, Products, Sales

Shaojun is one of the few violin makers in Singapore. He started learning the violin at the age of six and developed a strong appreciation for the instrument. His passion made him seek the art of violin making. He graduated from the Violin Making School of America with the Degree of Luthier in 2014. He studied violin making under VSA international award winning master violin makers Charles Woolf and Sanghoon Lee. Upon graduation, he returned to Singapore in 2014 and set up the shop under the guidance of senior affiliate, Chung Shu Leung. The shop offers first-rate instruments and professional services. All the products and services are fully guaranteed.

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Strategy, Management

Tony spent more than 18 years taking up various senior management roles with public listed and Global 500 MNCs. As a passionate artist and craftsman, he found his love in restoring stringed instruments and pursued the craft. He is now a luthier by training.



Partners, Collaboration

Sharmaine spent more than 10 years taking up managerial roles with MNCs in procurement, logistic and quality management. Her strength is in building effective collaborative partnerships between organisations.

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