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Fine German Master Violin by Prof F.J. Koch, 1925

This is an exceptional and rare 1925 Prof. F.J. Koch 4/4 full size violin made in Dresden, Germany. It is number 648. Violin has a shiny reddish brown varnish and beautifully flamed Two-piece back.


Koch delved into the tone quality of Cremonese instruments and by mycroscopial scientific research identified a substance which is bound capillarily in the wood, and which is the cause of striking and typical homogeneity of old Italian violin wood and determines the resonance feature of the old classical tone. He sought to reproduce this feature in his shop by developing a substance which was applied to the inside wood surface of his instruments giving them a slightly orange finish to interior wood surfaces as is the case with this instrument.


Maker: Prof F.J. Koch

Provenance: Dresden

Tone: Warm, mellow, resonant

Length of back: 35.6 cm

Fine German Master Violin by Prof F.J. Koch, 1925

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